Smartere Workflows für die Produktion in weniger Arbeitsschritten

ONYX PosterShop is wide format RIP software that enables shops to unify their print production process on more than one device and provides the tools to maintain consistent output quality. Print service providers will be able prepare jobs for print quickly and find it easy to automate repetitive tasks resulting in sellable prints faster.



ONYX PosterShop gives you the control to automate print production and reduce the need for costly manual intervention to do repetitive tasks. Maintaining a unified workflow across different printers allows shops to get more done in less time and reduce overhead costs.



ONYX PosterShop delivers the power to control print production workflow and maintain consistent output quality which helps print providers gain a competitive advantage while meeting tight customer deadlines. Versatile tools also support multiple print applications and help shops get to sellable prints faster.



ONYX PosterShop simplifies the building of unattended workflows for automation of routine tasks, making print production more efficient. ONYX PosterShop also helps shops save time and reduce waste on last minute changes with intuitive job control and the ability to maintain print accuracy.


Key Features

  • Superior 32-Bit ONYX Color Engine optimized for wide-format inkjet technologies
  • Includes a comprehensive set of drivers with thousands of standard color profiles
  • Smart 16-Bit™ Processing
  • Exclusive ONYX PosterColor® rendering
  • Maximum workflow efficiency with automated and unattended Print and Print-and-Cut workflows
  • Complete printer operator feature set for automated nesting, tiling, color correction, job management and archiving
  • Automatic PANTONE®, RAL and HKS® spot color matching
    White and specialty ink tools
    RIP-and-Print on the Fly
  • Recognized as a G7 Support Tool